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Rust Server

Server-Rules Rust

  • TD;DR
    1. Max clans size is 3 players!
    2. Offline raids are lame, therefor we protect your base for 48h (Get some skill and raid online, trust me, it's more fun!)
    3. Don't be a complete idiot and spam or harass other people, be nice to each other!
    4. You will know if you did something wrong, as an admin will notify you!
    5. If you have any question regarding rules, help, etc. come to our teamspeak and contact a team member!
  • Base/Player Rules:
    1. When raiding, destroying a player’s sleeping bag is acceptable. Don’t be a douche and destroy boxes or any other deployables you don’t need to.

    2. Base takeovers are AGAINST the rules! Temporary takeovers are allowed when raiding, but you need to remove your TC lock after you are finished

    3. Griefing is NOT allowed. Compound raiding (i.e. raiding the same person over and over before they have a chance to rebuild) or other such harassment is not acceptable, and could also result in a ban.

    4. Don’t accuse another player of greifing, abuse or hacking unless you have proof (Video recording or screenshots are acceptable methods). If you implicate another player or PM the admin but don’t have any proof to back up your claim, we can’t help you.

  • General Rules:
    1. Impersonating any Admins, the Server Console, or even just another player (i.e. to gain access to a base by fooling admins) is and immediate bannable offence. As is passing yourself off as an admin generally.

    2. Flooding the chat with CAPS is frowned upon and if you are asked to stop, do it or you risk a kick.

    3. Raging or nasty abuse of another player on the basis of gender, race etc will result in the player being muted in chat, or kicked. General Trash talking not targeted at a specific player is generally tolerated but if another player asks you to stop, do it. If you are kicked more than 3 times you will be banned with no further warning.

    4. Racist symbols and signs will result in the player being asked to remove them, or kicked. If you've already been kicked you will be banned on the next occurence with no further warning.

    5. Offensive Avatars: As avatars are now visible in game, if you have a graphic which is deemed to be inappropriate content (Pornography, Racist symbols or anything else that could cause offense) you may be asked to change it while in the server.

    6. Advertising other servers will not be tolerated. This is a bannable offence.

    7. Even if you're not breaking the rules, if you show negative behavior, an admin can always issue a kick or ban at their discretion.

    8. If the owner or an admin asks you to stop doing something that is breaking the rules or otherwise disrupting the server please listen to them, otherwise you could be kicked or banned.

    9. If you have a complaint about anything please contact RedocPlays on TeamSpeak.

    Last changes: 29.10.2019
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